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Metal thieves target villas

By Sophie McCarrick – [email protected]

Several properties in the Vilamoura area have recently been targetted by metal thieves.

A property near Pinhal Golf Course was targeted this month while property owners were out of the country.

Although the exact date of the crime is unavailable due to the temporary property vacancy, the robbery was reported to the British owners by their gardener, who found, upon entering the garden area of the property, that several bronze items, “of great worth”, had been removed.

Such items included a ceremonial gong, which the couple had brought over from Bali (pictured), and several statues of various designs, all of which are made from solid bronze and hold “great sentimental value” for the family.

Surrounded by seven foot walls and electronic gates, the property owners, who wished not to be named, are boggled as to how such heavy items were removed from their garden.

They told the Algarve Resident this week: “The thieves would have had to scale the fencing, so it seems that the theft was in fact planned and took place at night.

“We have spoken to friends who live in the Vilamoura area, who have also experienced similar robberies of metal items from their gardens.”

The gardener also informed the couple that throughout his work in the local area, he has become familiar with several other incidents of metal being stolen. “He told us of a recent incident where a holiday home’s shutters had all been stolen,” said the property owner.

“It it sad to say that because of this I now feel unsafe when I am at the property, it is very worrying. We can only assume that these pieces have been stolen for scrap value,” they concluded, adding that they felt it was important to make people in the region aware of this type of crime.

The GNR are currently investigating the case and other similar occurrences.