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Messines fire “under control” after forcing evacuation of 49 people

The huge fire that broke out yesterday (August 8) in a rural area of Perna Seca in Messines, Silves has been brought under control by firefighters.

“The nighttime firefighting efforts went according to plan and had the desired effect,” Portimão fire commander Richard Marques told Lusa news agency this morning.

He said the fire is now contained, and “the following hours will be crucial to ensure that it is put out”.

Though no one was hurt, 49 people had to be evacuated from their homes.

The fire did not damage any homes, though it did consume some “old ruins and annexes”.

Marques said the fire raged mostly in rural areas, destroying pine and eucalyptus trees.

He added that the fire is still being monitored by 368 people, including firefighters from the Algarve, Beja and Lisbon as well as civil protection services, GNR police, the Armed Forces and Portugal’s Red Cross.

The cause of the fire, which started at around 3pm, is still unknown.

Bombeiros need “water, fruit and cereal bars”

Meantime, the Algarve’s Bombeiros have urged the population to help them by donating “small water bottles, fruit and cereal bars” to their nearest fire station.

The items will go to the hundreds of firefighters who are risking their lives to deal with the fire and barely have a moment to eat or drink.

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