Message from “SCooP” to all dogs in Portugal

Safe Communities Portugal has come up with a novel way of communicating certain official government information. On Monday, it published on its Facebook page the following message with this picture:
“To all dogs in Portugal – protecting our owners from Covid-19

In order to protect our owners and help the security services, please follow this advice.

Under the State of Emergency, all our owners are required to stay at home except for essential reasons such as essential work, groceries, visits to the pharmacy or for medical reasons.

They are all granted limited ability to get fresh air and must observe social distancing and avoid any group activities.

So, this means, as dogs, we are also affected. If we do not look after our owners now, there may be no walks for us in the future.”

David Thomas, President of Safe Communities Portugal, said: “As Portugal’s only official Civil Protection Volunteer Organisation serving the foreign community, and at a time when the spirits of many are low, we have to look at ways to convey and reinforce important and serious messages, such as the ‘Stay at Home’ message. We need to do this in a way which is appealing and eye catching.”

In this case, within the first few hours of posting, it was viewed by over 10,000 people.

“We will be using SCooP to deliver more of these where relevant,” said David.