MEP support

For the declaration to be adopted, it requires 393 signatures by July 24. Jamila Madeira, a Portuguese MEP based in the Algarve, fully supports this declaration and believes that “this is the right time for this declaration to be passed. MEPs are looking to the future and to children’s issues more and more now”.

A previous declaration written by Jamila Madeira has not been passed despite its importance and this highlights the difficulties experienced by MEPs in the European Parliament.  Her written declaration 0074/2006 on public access to the identity and other personal data of individuals sentenced for paedophile criminal acts only received 27 signatories.  This declaration was basically a European version of Sarah’s Law. “The agenda was not towards children when we proposed this declaration,” said Jamila. “Things are different now but we cannot present the same declaration twice so this has been lost now; hopefully this declaration will be adopted”.

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