Mendes Bota re-elected president of PSD Algarve

MP JOSÉ Mendes Bota was re-elected President of the PSD (the Social Democratic Party) in the Algarve on the evening of December 7, winning an 87 per cent share of the vote from party members.

In Alcoutim, Aljezur, Monchique, Portimão, São Brás do Alportel, Silves and Vila do Bispo, he scored every possible vote, while in the other boroughs won the greater majority, with the exception of Olhão.

Mendes Bota thanked his party for their vote of confidence and the trust they have placed in him over past two years.

Speaking after his victory, he said: “PSD/Algarve was and will continue to be a strong political force that sets the political agenda in our region, exercising its role as the opposition to the government in a high profile and credible way and with the support of its câmaras.

“I intend to continue to be a strong voice defending the Algarve’s interests,” he said.

Mendes Bota also made it clear that the party’s principal objective is to bring more governing power to the Algarve through regionalisation and the party continues to campaign for a referendum on this issue.