Seven-year-old boy and British pensioner among fatal victims of A22 crash

Memorial Sunday sees five dead on Portuguese roads

Sunday November 17 – World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims – saw five people killed on Portuguese roads.

The worst in terms of fatalities was an horrendous collision at the site of a previous accident. A GNR corporal and the driver of a flatbed pick-up vehicle were killed outright as they exchanged papers on the A42.

The female driver of the car that caused the accident was also killed.

This particular horror took place on the stretch of motorway near Paços de Ferreira.

Say reports, “when firefighters cleaned the road from an accident a couple of hours before, the car driven by the young female driver, carrying three other people, went into a skid, hitting the flatbed and then going on to hit the car of the GNR agent.

“In the short distance between the flatbed and the patrol car, the agent and the driver of the truck, still filling out papers from the first accident, were fatally struck”.

The crash saw all three passengers in the car transported to hospital.

The other two fatalities of the day involved a driver in his 50s who hit a large tree outside Elvas, and a 19-year-old youth driving a car that appears to have ‘lost control’ on Benavente bridge (Santarém district) hitting a bus.

The car driven by young Pedro Fernandes was “completely destroyed”, writes Correio da Manhã.

The driver of the bus was also slightly injured, and treated in hospital.

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