Memorial concert celebrates the life of Walter Sulzer

The Coro dos Amigos is holding a concert in homage to the memory of musician and choirmaster Walter Sulzer, who founded the choir, on Saturday, June 3 at the Museu do Trajo in São Brás at 6pm.

“It is already nine months since the death of Walter Sulzer, but the memories of this exceptional man are still fresh,” said Diane Cantillon Ings. “It was not his musicality alone, his gifts as a musician and choirmaster, but the extremely rare combination of a man who could both inspire and endear himself to those he inspired. The choir he created will always remember him with love and respect.”

The Coro dos Amigos has chosen songs that Walter himself loved – “Baroque, of course, but also medieval from the days when Andalucia was at its height. Walter delighted in the regularity of German baroque, but equally loved the discords and the liberties that the very English Purcell took in blending four voices,” said Diane. “Portuguese sacred music, slightly naughty English madrigals … he took enormous pleasure in all music that was well crafted.”

The Coro de Câmara de Beja will join the São Brás choir for a special performance in memory of the man who was once a valued member of their choir, until he moved to the Algarve.

There will be no entry charge, but a collection will be made in Walter’s honour, for his family to donate to a local charity of their choosing.

All are welcome to attend what promises to be a special evening.