Meia Praia development

I’m disappointed to read of the planned development for Meia Praia near Lagos and hope that it will be rejected by Lagos Câmara. Meia Praia is a beautiful, largely unspoilt, stretch of beach and dunes, which still has a reasonable amount of open space behind it. The last thing it needs is a massive development of hotel, villas and so on – there is already far too much building going on in Lagos itself and around Porto de Mós, so much so that the town is in danger of losing its character.

The extension of Palmares golf course is perhaps acceptable, as this could be more discreet – indeed the attraction of the existing course is that it is the only one in the area that is not surrounded by villas. It is bordered by sea on one side and protected natural countryside on the other three. Apart from the clubhouse complex, there is no concrete to be seen. Long may it stay that way.

David Foot

By e-mail