Meeting takes a look at joint pain

A SEMINAR at a Carvoeiro hotel tomorrow (Saturday, January 20) will be taking a look at the effects of Arthrosis.

Sufferers of this condition endure pain and lack of movement around their joints due to the loss of cartilage.

As a result, the synovia, joint liquid, loses its concentration of nutritive factors, leading to a reduction of elasticity and viscosity in the joint.

All joints need to be oiled regularly, to lubricate the joint surface, smooth it and act as a shock absorber.

Doctors from the German Medical Centre in Carvoeiro say that, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and exercise, therapeutic injections of hyaluronic acid will improve the abilities of the synovia and induce the rebuilding of physiologic nutritive factors by stimulating cell structures.

For further details and more information, readers are invited to attend the Hotel Tivoli Almansor in Carvoeiro at 2pm tomorrow, where doctors of the Medical Centre will be discussing Arthrosis, backache treatments and other healthcare topics or call the centre on 282 356 339.

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