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Meeting and beating the economic crisis

A seminar that hopes to offer pointers to help businesses beat the current economic crisis is to be held in Almancil next week.

Meeting and beating the economic crisis, which will be held in English at the LagunaMar Suites on Thursday, January 29, is organised and promoted by the Almancil business association Associação Empresarial de Almancil (AEA) and supported by the Algarve Resident.

Speakers at the event will include the former President of the AEA, Anibal Moreno, and the Managing Director of the Algarve Resident and owner of the sign making company, DLA, Sheena Rawcliffe and Roy Whitehouse of WIS International.

During the first part of the seminar, which will start at 6pm, the speakers will develop the theme and introduce participants to the causes of the current economic crisis as well as predicted business forecasts for the near future.

During the second part, participants will be presented with suggestions of what businesses in the region can do to survive.

Anibal Moreno told the Algarve Resident: “Having been President of the AEA for nine years, I am still an active member and have organised this event to help local business owners overcome the crisis and this wave of negativity, despite this being the worse crisis we have faced in decades.”

Sheena Rawcliffe said: “Nearly every business crisis or need for change offers the opportunity for positive action and to ensure better market placement in the future. The current economic downturn is the greatest that we have seen in our lifetimes.” She added: “The enormity of the crisis is outside of our control, but the actions we take now and in the coming weeks and months are not. Positivity is the key to meeting and beating the economic climate we find ourselves in.” Roy Whitehouse of WIS International will also be a guest speaker, covering credit control issues.

Anibal Moreno added that a sister seminar was due to take place yesterday (Thursday) in Portuguese.

“We were fully booked; all 70 places are spoken for, so I believe that the English language seminar will also be a success.”

Entrance to the seminar is free to everyone, however, places are limited. Participants may also take part in a dinner after the seminar at the LagunaMar Suites Rouge restaurant, where staff have prepared a  special menu costing 25 euros per person.

For more information and to book a seat for the seminar or the dinner, please contact 289 391 591 or email [email protected].