Meeting and beating the economic crisis – seminar goes west

An English-language seminar aimed at giving pointers to help businesses tackle the negative effects of the current financial turmoil is to be held at Boavista Resort on Wednesday, March 18.

This second free seminar, Meeting and beating the economic crisis, has been organised and promoted by the Algarve Resident with WIS International, in association with the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

A number of guest speakers will introduce participants to the causes of the current economic crisis and forecasts for the near future as well as giving advice on what businesses could do to survive.

Martin Date, General Manager of the Oceânico group, will be among the panel of speakers at the seminar, which will also include Constantino Jordan, of Constantino Jordan Resort Consultants, Roy Whitehouse of WIS International, Sheena Rawcliffe, Managing Director of the Algarve Resident, and Lawyer Miguel Sengo da Costa who will be talking about company insolvency.

Credit Control

Other issues that will be broached at the seminar include how to tell whether a company is in the right shape to tackle the current economic climate, the best and most expedient ways of resolving credit control problems and how to guard against dealing with the wrong clients.

Sheena Rawcliffe said: “Nearly every business crisis or need for change offers the opportunity for positive action and to ensure better market placement in the future. The current economic downturn is the greatest that we have seen in our lifetimes.”

She added: “The enormity of the crisis is outside of our control, but the actions we take now and in the coming weeks and months are not. Positivity is the key to meeting and beating the economic climate we find ourselves in.”

This seminar will take place from 10am until 1pm at the Emerson Suite at the Boavista Resort.

Entrance to the seminar is free to everyone but places are limited. Participants can also have lunch after the seminar at the resort. The cost is 15 euros per person.

For more information and to book a seat for the seminar and/ or the lunch, please email [email protected] or call 282 342 936 .

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