Meet Zoomarine’s newest residents: a cute armadillo and the “world’s smallest toucans”

Guia theme park Zoomarine has welcomed new residents, ahead of its reopening to the public on May 19 – a pair of green aracari toucans (Pteroglossus viridis) and a three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes matacus).

The animals have arrived from zoos in Poland and Austria, respectively, and are now star attractions of Zoomarine’s ‘America’ section.

Although green aracaris are “the world’s smallest species of toucan”, Zoomarine believes their presence in the park will enrich its “immersion exhibit” which aims to make visitors feel like they are part of the animals’ habitats.

The armadillo – named Poco Loco – belongs to one of only two species of armadillo that completely curl into a ball when they feel threatened.

“Still, we are certain that Poco Loco will receive our visitors with ‘open arms’,” the theme park says.

Last month, Zoomarine launched a special online reopening campaign offering a 30% discount on ticket prices ahead of its May 19 reopening date. The discount is valid for purchases made until April 30.

The theme park boasts the ‘Disinfection Monitored-Cleaning Checked’ seal of approval attributed by an external inspection and certification company (SGS Portugal).

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