Meet Gee and Dusty, two biddies raring to go!
Gee and Blondie, now Maya

Meet Gee and Dusty, two biddies raring to go!

Is there a special place in your heart for them?

The Pop-Up event by APAA (Association for Protection of Animals Algarve) on June 24 at Recanto dos Mouros in Silves raised €600 through bargain deals, a tasty lunch and a raffle. Excellent! Thank you for attending, buying, eating, betting! All in good fun and for our furry friends.

Thanks to Jenny, Anita and the APAA gang, we have more spending power for our SNiP programme. So far, APAA have kept afloat on stormy seas, with the help of their members, followers and you, the Resident’s readership, raising money for our animals, through Pop-Ups, buffet lunches, suppers at your home, charity shops, donations via the web … it all helps. Thank you!

The “feel-good factor” is upon us for more reasons than one. The summer season, albeit windy, has breezed in, friends and family are taking time off to come and visit. Things to look forward to, things to see.

One of APAA’s friends and supporters, Pet Park, owned and run by Caroline England, has a special re-homing project, through which, thanks to you and our network, many of our feline and canine friends have been successfully rehomed.

Meet Gee and Dusty, two biddies raring to go!

A lot of people, most of us, don’t want to take on someone else’s “responsibility”, but dumped dogs are the sad side of our lives. Two of our old gals, ‘Dusty’ and ‘Gee’, are, to put it bluntly, old biddies but still in good nick. They deserve a decent final home and a loving “goodnight” before switching of the light. ‘Dusty’ was found by a dustbin, hairless and weightless. What a cracker she turned out to be!

Twelve and 13’ish respectively, they were ‘dumpees’ in bad shape, now fit, healthy and, apart from old age, raring to go. No illnesses, they just need love and to be given the chance of a final, loving resting place.

You may remember ‘Gee’ when we were on our re-homing campaign last year, seen here with Blondie, who became ‘Maya’ you helped to rehome! Now how’s that for a picture?

Gee loves toys and puppies. Living proof! If there is a bit of humanity left for a man’s best friend, is it possible that your cold corner could become a warm bed and home for one of these gals? Contact Caroline direct: [email protected]

Suppers at your home

Why not have a relaxing day off with friends at home? No kidding! APAA can provide that special buffet supper, lunch or tea. Be waited on, hand and foot. Planning, buying, prepping, cooking all done. No washing up! Call Jenny on 919 041 903 or email [email protected]


APAA Charity Shops

  • Alvor, Dunas Complex, Monday-Saturday, 10.30am-2pm
  • Silves, Rua Elias Garcias 20, Monday-Saturday, 10am-2pm.

Packed with quality goodies. Bring or buy!

For more information about APAA, contact Jenny Clarke: [email protected] | | APAA’s Facebook pages