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Medronho, not just for drinking

São Brás de Alportel Municipal Market is dedicating the month of November to the medronho, a fruit that is best known for being the base ingredient of the traditional Algarvian liquor.

Described by São Brás Câmara as “the mysterious and versatile fruit that grows in the Serra do Caldeirão”, the medronho will be shown in its best light at the municipal market with demonstrations on how to use the fruit in the kitchen.

Tomorrow, November 17, the Sabores do Medronho (Medronho Flavours) market will be an opportunity to taste sweets and liquors made with the medronho fruit while on November 24 a gastronomic demonstration by chef Luis Costa will be held.

Known since Ancient Greece, the strawberry tree (medronheiro) is considered a fire resistant plant with great regenerative abilities as its root stays alive even if the outside of the tree burns in a blaze.