Mediterranean diet fair returns to Tavira

Tavira’s fourth Mediterranean Diet Fair will start next week (September 1-4), bringing a variety of food-related events to the eastern Algarve town.

The ‘Mediterranean Flavours’ initiative will see 14 local restaurants serving Mediterranean-inspired dishes during the course of the event.

There will also be a variety of cooking demonstrations and food tastings as well as musical performances, debates, exhibitions and even entertainment for children.

The bulk of the events will be held in Tavira’s historic centre along the Gilão river.

Tavira was one of the municipalities that supported a bid to see the Mediterranean Diet considered World Intangible Heritage by UNESCO, which was approved in 2013.

It is often referred to as “less of a diet, and more of a lifestyle”. Following the Mediterranean diet means eating a lot of vegetables and fruit, with olive oil being the main source of fat. Consumption of fish, white meat, dairy products and eggs should be moderate, while sugar and red meat should be avoided. Regular physical activity, water and even a moderate consumption of wine are considered important parts of the diet, which is often linked to a healthy lifestyle.