Medefi, bringing a smile to every client

Established in 1996, Multiclínica Medefi is an ultra-modern dental clinic, equipped with the latest technology, where clients can find personalised treatments for all their dental problems in a friendly environment. 

The international, multi-lingual team keeps up to date through regular post-graduate courses, each member having their own specialisation besides regular dentistry.

Dr Anne Swart, founder of Multiclínica Medefi, has taken a course specialising in aesthetic medicine so that she can now also offer clients skin care and anti-ageing treatments.

“I am qualified to give Botox, mesotherapy and chemical peels for clients. My training means that the products I use are stronger than a beautician is qualified to use and so more effective for medicinal purposes. such as treating acne for example.”

Newest team member Dr Raquel Silva, who has previously worked in the UK and Sweden, specialises in paediatric dentistry and also makes anti-snoring and sleep apnoea devices for adults.

“Children must be treated properly at the dentists from a young age, so that they do not become afraid. Dr Raquel has been trained in the psychology of child dentistry as well as how to treat specific problems with milk teeth, traumas and lack of space,” said Dr Anne Swart. 

Other treatments offered at the clinic include cosmetic smile makeovers, implant therapy, speed braces for children and adults and one session root canal treatment, among others.

The clinic is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am until 1pm and 2.30pm until 6pm.

For more information, please visit the website, available in English, at www.dental-holidays.com or telephone 282 341 482.