Meal of your life winners!

CONGRATULATIONS TO the four winners of The Resident´s Meal of Your Life competition, Peter Kelly, Carol King, Rachel-Adam Smith and Stephanie Gray, who have each won a free meal for two at one of the four participating restaurants.

All of the many entries received by The Resident were interesting and original, making it very difficult to choose the final winners.

Peter Kelly won a meal for two at La Bagatella restaurant with his favourite meal of Chicken Chasseur, because it was the dish he cooked every Friday as the Officers Mess Chef while in the army. His guest list included the painter Russell Flint, David Attenborough, Bonnie Tyler, David Seaman, Germaine Greer and Winston Churchill.

Carol King won a meal for two at the O Limoeiro restaurant in Almancil with her favourite three-course extravaganza of prawn cocktail followed by fillet steak and ending with home-made Black Forest gateaux. Her guest list included the Chefs Keith Floyd and Rick Stein as well as Maria Callas and Coco Chanel.

Rachel Adam-Smith won a meal for two at the Jompra restaurant for her favourite meal of chicken piri-piri with tomato and onion salad and lots of chips. Her chosen guests included Jonathan Ross, Johnny Cash, Simon Cowell, Princess Diana and Jordan.

Stephanie Gray won a meal for two at the No Patio restaurant for her favourite dish of magnificently indulgent seafood rice with herself, John Barrowman, Colin Firth, Mary Magdalene and Glenda Jackson. Stephanie said she would be quite happy just to dine with her husband though if all the other invited guests were busy!

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