Dear Editor,
Having experienced, in my previous apartment, the heartbreaking sound of trees being destroyed in order to clear land for building, I was very upset to be greeted by the same noise when I came in from work a couple of weeks ago.
My distress was only exacerbated when I discovered the reason for this destruction: McDonalds are building a restaurant in Loulé! Right beside a primary school!
At a time when parents are already struggling to cope financially, they will now be faced with the ‘pester pressure’ from their offspring wanting Happy Meals after school.
We read the reports of the rise in child obesity in Portugal and the efforts being made to educate children about healthy eating choices, but then McDonalds strike again. Meanwhile, the all-pervading stench of greasy oil will permeate the classrooms and corridors as well as all the homes nearby.
The environmentally-unfriendly endless layers of packaging are bound to generate unwanted litter in our streets, whilst local cafés and restaurants already struggling for business will now have to compete for the Saturday morning trade from the busloads of tourists arriving for the gypsy market. With the builders working Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the structure is going up very fast.
Does Loulé merit this McMonstrosity?