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McCartney’s head found

PAUL MCCARTNEY’S waxwork head has earned a tramp £2,000.

A homeless man called Anthony Silva thought the head was a Halloween mask when he saw it poking out of a waste bag, but later discovered he could claim a reward after reading a newspaper.  “I’ve been down on my luck recently and have been sleeping rough. It’s just what I needed and I hope my luck has changed for the better.”

Anthony used the head as a pillow since he found it, but after this, he will use the cash to pay off tax debts and buy a hot meal. The head, which was made in the 60s, was by accident left under a train seat by businessman Joby Carters.

Since offering a recompense for the safe return of the waxwork, Carters has been hit with hoax calls. He explained, “We got a phone call from Abbey Road studios from a man claiming to have the head.

We’ve had a lot of pranks calls so my assistant asked him to send in a picture and there he is holding the head. He has not given us much information but he wanted to meet me personally. It’s really fantastic to get it back. I’ll be gutted if it doesn’t go for very much after I paid out £2,000 for it.”

The head is expected to fetch up to £10,000 at the auction, organised by Carters’ Entertainment.