Mayors and drivers

Dear Editor,

Two points:

1) The President of Lagoa, in trying to remove all responsibility, is totally wrong; he is elected by the residents of the Lagoa area. He is there to take responsibility, to represent, to listen etc. He is not there to represent his party, government etc. He is there to communicate, to serve.

2) The letters concerning driving are correct. Portugal only seems to want other EC citizens/EC for money, but how many drivers from UK, Germany, Norway etc., are driving illegally here? Over six months, I know of two small campers here for over six years! No tax and therefore no insurance?

Yes, Portuguese drivers, and others, ignore white lines, speed limits etc., but ponder this: the other day, a car pulled out of a side area in front of me; no signal, no looking. He then drove carelessly in front, no seat belt, hands waving out of the window and too busy talking to his passenger to do anything. Oh the car? GNR Territorial! What an example.