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Mayor worried about “dirty, smelly and sad-looking” docks

Faro mayor is concerned about the “poor state” of the city’s dock area, which “looks dirt, smells disgusting” and gives tourists a “sad image of desolation and neglect”.

Speaking to Barlavento newspaper, Rogério Bacalhau said he has urged action from port authority Docapesca.

“We raised this issue at our latest meetings but received no response,” the mayor said. Thus he recently formalised his complaints in a letter.

Bacalhau says the dock is “completely silted up”, meaning that when the tide is low, boats are left on solid ground.

He added that “rubbish has accumulated” and leaks have been discovered on the dock’s walls.

“It has been 20 years since the dock underwent serious renovations,” the mayor pointed out.

Faro Marina “still on the horizon”
Rogério Bacalhau also spoke of Faro’s long-awaited marina project, which he says is being worked on.

“We are working together with Docapesca in order to launch a tender for the management of the dock by the end of this year, and the construction of another,” he told Barlavento.