Mayor unveils council projects

news: Mayor unveils council projects

LISBON MAYOR, Pedro Santana Lopes, went on a guided tour of the city’s latest projects completed by the Câmara. These include a new parking area in Avenida Conselheiro Barjona de Freitas, the second phase of the new Alvito children’s playground, another playground in Jardim Constantino, and the modernisation and improvements made to the Mercado da Ribeira market.

On his whistle stop walkabout, he also inaugurated the new Ajuda market and announced the future Chelas site for Lisbon’s amusement park, Feira Popular (see article on p.7).

The visit began in Avenida Conselheiro Barjona de Freitas, in Benfica, where 161,000 euros have been spent on sprucing up the area with parking, a new access way, street furniture and improved lighting.

It was then on to the Alvito playground, in Monsanto, where 710,000 euros have been spent on a leisure space, a theatre, esplanade, bar, benches, children’s amusements and an open-air barbecue.

A new city food market was opened in Ajuda’s Rua Dom Vasco/Travessa da Boa Hora, which is intended to rehouse all the commercial traders formerly in Travessa da Boa Hora. Costing nearly two million euros, the two storey 4,320sqm building will house 60 traders selling fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. It will also house 17 shops, a restaurant, cafés and patisserie, as well as 90 other units selling diverse products.

Meanwhile, the city’s Mercado da Ribeira has been given a complete 946,000 euro modernisation facelift, warehousing and selling largely frozen foodstuffs.

Lastly, at the Constantino garden, Pedro Santana Lopes opened a new playground at a cost of around 33,500 euros.