Mayor orders repayment of illegal expenses

SCORES OF Lisbon Câmara executive officers and councillors may have to pay back thousands of euros in illegal expenses and junket payments.

The move, ordered by the President of the Câmara, António Costa, involves an estimated 49,000 euros.

Cash-strapped Lisbon Câmara has been left virtually bankrupt with accumulated debts standing at well over a billion euros and back payments to suppliers totalling nearly 120 million euros following years of financial mismanagement.

The Câmara has already sent letters out to 17 members itemising how much they owe since December 2006.

Also last week, the President of Lisbon Câmara announced that the contracts of 125 service providers, from a total of 1,038 contracts, were to be cancelled in a further bid to cut back on expenses.

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