One of the worrying 'selfies' that one of the brothers managed with high-ranking personalities, in this case, the President of the Republic (left)

Maximum penalty sought for Daesh brothers in Monsanto jail

Brothers arrived in Portugal among refugees from Greece

Public prosecutors are calling for the maximum jail terms (25 years) for ‘Daesh brothers’ Ammar and Yassir Ameen, held in Lisbon’s high-security Monsanto jail and charged with 17 war crimes.

The brothers were finally arrested in Portugal after years of surveillance and witness statements attesting to them having been part of the Daesh ‘terror police’ in Syria.

They arrived in Portugal among a group of refugees from a Greek refugee camp.

The story was all the more ‘bizarre’ in that one of the brothers ended up in various selfies with politicians – even President Marcelo was snapped in a less than convenient selfie. He said in his defence that he poses for selfies ‘all the time’ and cannot be expected know the background of people snapped with him.

In the final allegations of the men’s trial at Campus de Justiça, prosecutors argued that there exists “documental, expert and witness proof” to condemn both “in the exact terms of the accusation”, which involves 17 war crimes and the crime of adhesion to a terrorist group.

The brothers’ lawyer however claims the witness statements are the “only proof that sustains the accusation, and they are contradictory”. In doubt, these men should be absolved, he told the court.

The final ruling is scheduled for January 18.

Source material: Correio da Manhã