Maximum fire risk in Algarve region

THE METEOROLOGICAL Institute warned last Monday that there was an “elevated risk” of fire throughout the country, in particular, they highlighted, “a maximum risk” in Faro and Viana do Castelo districts. Meteorologists attributed “maximum risk” to the districts of Faro and Viana do Castelo (in the north of Portugal) because of the “hot dry weather on the one hand and low humidity on the other”. Bragança, Porto, Viseu, Coimbra, Leiria, Lisbon, Santarém and Portalegre were all districts that the meteorological Institute placed at “very elevated risk” in respect of fires. Braga, Vila Real, Aveiro, Guarda, Évora and Setúbal were all described as having “an elevated risk”. Two districts, Beja and Castelo Branco, ran “a moderate risk”.