Maximise the use of your swimming pool

Swimming pool specialists Pure Pools will help you make the most of your pool all year round, with pool heaters, automatic and manual covers, pool safety fencing, and spas; all of the highest standard.

With more than 17 years experience in the market, Pure Pools choose only the best quality materials for their products, ensuring purchases are long lasting and have the desired effects.

Being specialists in pool heating and safety, Pure Pools have high quality titanium heat pumps which provide constant heat due to the super efficient heat transfer technology they possess, transferring free heat from the outdoor air into the swimming pool.

These high performance pumps have a low power consumption, ensuring your bills won’t go through the roof. For every kilowatt of energy consumed, the titanium heat pumps transfer up to six kilowatts of heat into your pool water.

These pumps are easy to install and are designed to fit into your current pool’s filtration system. With thousands of units sold since starting the business, you can rely on Pure Pool’s professionalism and experience for an adequate system for your pool.

Another area where Pure Pools excels is safety fencing. The fencing consists of a strong securtex mesh.

It keeps children safely out of pools in the event of the carer being distracted and does not ruin the aesthetics as the mesh is 99 percent transparent.

Visit Pure Pools at the showroom situated behind InterMarché, Lagos where a team of technicians are on call throughout the Algarve.

For further information, please call 282 760 033 or 919 517 868, email [email protected] or visit  available in English.