António Pedro Santos/ Lusa

Massive explosion rips through residential building in Amadora

A massive explosion ripped through a residential building in Amadora (near Lisbon) today, seriously injuring at least one firefighter, as well as causing injuries to civilians and other firefighting personnel.

The explosion took place on the 7th floor of an eight-storey building just as firefighters had entered an apartment due to a reported gas leak.

PJ police are investigating, while at least 15 people face being rehoused. Inspections are ongoing to see if the building can still be considered ‘safe’.

TSF radio reports that the Operational District Commander of Lisbon says the next few hours “will involve a lot of work” because there is the risk of masonry and other damaged parts of the building falling into the street.

A number of parked cars suffered extreme damage as wreckage rained down from the explosion.

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