Mass hooting against bridge tolls scheduled for Ponte 25 de Abril on Thursday

A mass hooting protest has been scheduled for this Thursday on Lisbon’s 25 de Abril bridge. The reason, explains the commission of drivers living south of the river, is the “unacceptable” existence of bridge tolls during the traditional holiday month of August.

It is an issue that has inflamed drivers since the former PSD-CDS government did away with the August tolls amnesty in the name of austerity.

Said the commission in a statement: “Those who live, work and study on the southern shore of the Tejo are the only Portuguese who have to pay tolls on the bridges over Portuguese rivers”.

It is an “unacceptable discrimination”, says the commission, which is now calling on drivers to show the government how they feel by turning up in force on Thursday morning at 8am to honk horns and demand free passage during August.