Masked gunmen strike

It has been reported that over 3,000 euros were stolen recently from the Price Chek furniture shop in Albufeira. The robbery happened as the owner and a cashier closed the shop and counted the profits. They didn’t know that two men had entered the building through the back door until they were surprised by the thieves, who wore socks over their heads and carried rifles.

According to the victims, the man who was handling the rifle hit the Brazilian shop owner with the weapon and pointed it towards his head for several minutes. The thieves then tied their terrified victims’ hands and feet together, covered the shop owner’s eyes, taped up his mouth and locked both victims in a storeroom. However, the cashier was able to untie the owner’s hand as the thieves hadn’t covered her eyes and her hands were tied up in front of her.

A police spokesman confirmed that the thieves had entered the building through the back door, which was used for unloading furniture. He also revealed that the victims have identified their assailants. “Although they had their faces covered, the victims both said that there was a gap between the socks and the jumpers the thieves were wearing, which allowed them to identify their skin colour – one was black, one was white.”