Masked gang steals gold and escapes police

A masked gang armed with crow bars and pick axes broke into the Continente shopping centre in Portimão in the early hours of March 5 and stole thousands of euros worth of jewellery.

The six men were spotted breaking into the shopping centre at around 3.20am by a security guard, who called the PSP police.

A PSP spokesman told the Algarve Resident: “A team of undercover PSP agents arrived first on the scene and these were soon backed up by agents from the Corpo de Intervenção, rapid intervention force, to secure the perimeter.”

Despite around 70 police arriving at the scene, the spokesman said that the gang escaped through an underground service corridor.

“They stole jewellery from the Carilor shop in the shopping centre, mostly gold items, the exact value of which is still being determined,” he said.

The PSP are now investigating together with the GNR and PJ police.

“It is possible that this group is the same as that which robbed the Boutique dos Relógios at the AlgarveShopping centre in Guia in January,” added the spokesman.

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