Martial arts’ students learn from the best

news: Martial arts’ students learn from the best

Local martial arts school Lifetime Family Martial Arts based in Albufeira has recently had the opportunity to train with Black Belts from the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.

In December, the school, with almost 20 students, mainly British, held a seminar with a leading Spanish coach, Maxi Montiel 4th Dan Black Belt, who has coached three World Champions, and his assistant Alberto Bansiamento 3rd Dan. The seminar focused mainly on sparring drills and was a demanding session.

On February 3, the school welcomed Sabum Armando Ribeiro 5th Dan, president and national coach of ITF Portugal, and three members of the National Squad. They travelled from Lisbon (Loures) to teach and review the school (pictured).

Armando has been practising ITF Taekwon-Do since 1976 and was appointed to develop ITF by the founder, the late Major General Choi Hong Hi 9th Dan. Armando concentrated on the technical aspects of the art and self defence, which was especially enjoyed by the female students. The students were also able to see the high standard of the black belts, who compete at patterns, sparring and special flying technique competitions.

Ian Donnelly, the Irish instructor in Albufeira, thanked the parents, students and guest instructors for their support, and Iceland Overseas Supermarket in Guia and its customers for contributing during fundraising activities, which has helped the school host this type of event.

The school’s next events will be the national championships in Lisbon in April and in May it will host the Sunshine Cup in Albufeira.

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