Decapitated dismembered body identified as that of Portuguese emigré
Image of Diana Santos taken from her Facebook page (2018)

Married, then dead and dismembered

Family of Diana Santos appeal for Justice

The horror-story of the Portuguese singer whose mutilated body was discovered behind the back of an abandoned building in France last month continues to lurch this way and that, with news today that 40-year-old Diana Santos had recently married a Moroccan man.

Indeed, it appears friends thought she married him the day before a 16-year-old youth found her headless torso.

This may not be the case: Correio da Manhã has heard from family members that they understood she married the man “some weeks previously”.

Even so, the wedding came as a ‘surprise’ to all who knew her – and has given police further leads to follow-up.

Here in Portugal, Diana Santos’ devastated family members in Vila do Conde are feeling ‘abandoned’.

Her brother Vítor says “we don’t know anything and we have not been contacted by anyone”.

Minister of foreign affairs João Gomes Cravinho has said that the Portuguese consulates in Strasbourg and Luxembourg are accompanying this case “with special attention”.

As was explained yesterday, Diana Santos appears to have been killed ‘in another location’ to the one close to the Luxembourg border where she was found.

Her head, arms and legs had been removed from the body (there was no blood, hence the conclusion that death took place elsewhere).

“Some body parts have still not been found”, says CM today, suggesting this is making the investigation more difficult. 

An autopsy this far has ruled out death by shooting, or any kind of sexual violence.

Diana Santos lived in Luxembourg and worked as a waitress and a singer in bars, often singing Karaoke and in events for Portuguese families.

Her only child, a son aged 22, lives in Portugal and reportedly had to be hospitalised “after hearing the details of his mother’s death”.

A former partner who ‘identified the body’ from police photographs has told reporters in Luxembourg that Diana was mixing with “company that was not the best”.

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