Marquês tunnel delayed

The commission evaluating the environmental impact study (EIA) on the new Marquês Tunnel in the centre of the city has requested more evidence from Lisbon Câmara to determine whether the report conforms to guidelines.

Work on the tunnel was suspended over four months ago and this request will delay deadlines again, as the Environment Institute should have presented a report about the conformity of the recent EIA last week. Lisbon Câmara handed over an initial study, carried out by the Innovation and Projects in the Environment company, to the Environment Institute on July 30, after Lisbon’s Administrative Court urged the authority to present evidence on the environmental impact of the tunnel project.

“Additional evidence has now been requested and work is suspended until it is handed over,” said a spokesperson from the Environment Institute. A source close to the President of Lisbon Câmara, Carmona Rodrigues, claimed that the request for new evidence was normal and happened in “80 per cent of cases”.