Marooned motorhomers wonder how they will get back home

Marooned motorhomers watching Europe closing its borders are wondering ‘how on earth they will ever get back home’.

The Resident heard from a couple who describe themselves as “one of the thousands of motorhome travellers overwintering in Portugal”.

Margaret Emison told us: “We are extremely concerned about our welfare and future in light of the coronavirus pandemic and measures put in place to contain it.

Our return ferry to the UK has been cancelled, and many motorhome parks and sites are restricting entrance. I have heard rumours that motorhome sites may close.

If this happens then we have nowhere to go!”

As she explained, if they have nowhere to go but cannot leave the country, many motorhomers (the majority of whom are in ‘high risk’ age groups with regard to Covid-19) “will suffer”.

The worst of the situation is that there appears to be almost no information available for these free-wheeling winter visitors, many of whom come from northern European countries that have also closed their borders.

Indeed, the only information to be found in the context of the galloping pandemic is that municipalities are indeed closing their caravan parks to “avoid large agglomerates of people”.

The latest to shut its doors has been the park at Reguengos de Monsaraz, in the Alentejo, a region recording two cases of coronavirus at the time of going to press on Wednesday.

Elsewhere in Central Portugal, motorhomer Sean O’Dah told us on Tuesday: “We have been told by the president of Benquerença, near Sabugal, to leave the campsite .We are French, Dutch, Irish and English – 11 motorhomes waiting for borders to open. Where do we go?”

Ben Lee, another motorhomer “stuck” in Portugal, said on Wednesday: “People should lobby the Embassies here regarding nowhere to park. We are in a caravan in the Aveiro district, we are unsure of the future. There was mention that they will let us stay but not accept any new arrivals. We are also in the vulnerable category as are others staying on our park. Strong and collective voice is needed now.”

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