Marmoré de Borba 2018

Different, delicious and slightly dangerous…

The first thing that makes this wine stand out on the shelf is the shape of the bottle, something I usually find annoying with a red wine as it will not fit in my wine rack.

This is especially annoying with red wines if they are to be laid down to age. But this one, as it turns out, is ready for drinking and not designed to age.

This is a claypot wine made in a traditional amphora from a mixture of white and red grapes from a mixed cropping vineyard, resulting in 30% white and 70% red field blend of traditional Alentejo varieties. This all makes it quite different, but it is also deliciously fruity, medium bodied with well-rounded tannins and a lingering, slightly sweet finish.

All in all, it slips down a little bit too easily, especially if served slightly chilled, and this, given the 15% alcohol volume, also makes it dangerous!

A perfect match for a richly spiced curry and also great with cheese. €24.95 at Apolónia.

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