Marmelete hosts Chestnut Party

Roasted chestnuts will be the stars of a Magusto party taking place Tuesday (November 1) at the Casa do Povo in Marmelete, Monchique.

Magusto is a traditional celebration of Saint Martin’s Day which involves a bonfire, roasted chestnuts and the first wines of the autumn season.

The event begins at 3pm, when guests will be invited to enjoy roasted chestnuts for free.

There will also be several stalls selling regional drinks and snacks, such as Monchique’s famous Medronho, the delicious ‘Bifana’ pork sandwich and roast pig.

Marmelete’s best students will be honoured at the party at 5pm, followed by musical performances by Rui Soares and Lau at 7.30pm.

The event is organised by the parish council of Marmelete, which says the party has been registering a growing number of visitors in recent years.

Admission is free.