Marley finally finds his forever home
Marley and Michel

Marley finally finds his forever home

How an ‘XL’ pooch conquered the hearts of a French couple and their two cats

‘Marley’ is a large, lovable dog. Not many people would even think of taking on such an incredibly large canine friend. Pets are a responsibility regardless of their size. But, like all big dogs, he had a large heart, loving and loyal to the right people, under the right conditions.

Enter centre stage a very wet, bedraggled Marley, found under a car, sheltering from thunderstorm and torrential rain, in Monte Canelas, a large urbanisation north of Portimão.

Marley finally finds his forever home
Marley and Nathalie ‘Maman’

TJ, who is known to many of us as “our hairdresser”, is an avid animal lover. Returning home from a late stint at her salon, she ‘discovered’ Marley (he wasn’t called Marley then). Managing to get his trust, she fed and watered him, and tried to find him a permanent home.

TJ already had three large dogs of her own, was bringing up a family and running a business, whilst feeding stray cats and dogs, some with their puppies or kittens, all abandoned.

Marley finally finds his forever home
Marley and Do ‘Temporarily’

TJ managed to temporarily home the wolf-sized dog with Do Eves, in the same urbanisation. Do already had pets and was shortly due to have a hip operation. Do named him after her favourite place, Marley in Sussex. Time proved that, although gentle, Marley was an Alpha male. Both TJ and Do continued their hunt for a suitable long-term home for our ‘XL’ pooch, who could be the ‘Numero Uno’ in his own domain.

One day, TJ was busy in her salon talking animals with a client, Nathalie. TJ showed Nathalie photos of ‘M’, who was immediately taken by him. But (a big but), what about her husband Michel? They already had two cats. How would the older cats take to a new, younger, large canine friend? As it so happened, coincidentally, Nathalie also lived in the same urbanisation. Whilst walking with her potential adoptee, Nathalie took Marley home to introduce him to Michel. Mon dieu! It was amour at first sight (yes, Nathalie and Michel are French). Michel and Marley became bosom buddies and he is now a content chien!

Marley finally finds his forever home
Marley and TJ ‘Discovery’

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