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Marketing the produce of the Algarve

An enterprising plan to enliven the municipal markets in the Albufeira municipality has been launched by the local authority.

The project starts with the market in Caliços and is entitled Plano de Dinamização do Mercado dos Caliços and will be extended to include Areias de S. João, Ferreiras, Guia and Olhos de Água.

It is aimed not only at improving trade but to strengthen awareness of the importance of the traditional Algarvean markets in terms of their cultural context and appeal, to both local as well as foreign residents and tourists.

A number of innovative ideas are included. During the orange harvest season of February, for example, producers are being encouraged to sell oranges in the market at a mere 30 centimes per kilo – a special offer until the end of the month.

Another initiative is to dedicate the third Sunday of the month to the foreign community to display and sell their produce and craftwork to the public.

Other Sunday markets  will concentrate on sweets and pastries and typical regional delicacies.

Music groups and traditional folklore dance groups will be invited to collaborate in order to provide extra animation to the market space, and traders will be encouraged to decorate their stalls.

The programme also includes the collaboration of schools and the Municipal Library with an area for confectionery products and also internet facilities.

President of the local authority José Carlos Rôlo has highlighted the “importance of markets in the culture of the country” and has stressed also that the plan is designed to improve the appeal and services of the Albufeira markets.