Marketing advice

For the third consecutive year, marketing consultant Stefan Drew will be offering advice to businesses in the region during two workshops to be held at the Holiday Inn Algarve in Armação de Pêra on June 22.

Stefan Drew will be focusing on websites and online marketing, explaining how they work in a non technical way during the workshops that will be held in the morning and afternoon.

He said: “My own business now has clients across Europe, Australia, the USA and beyond. Most have found us online and I’m probably the least technical person on the planet. Despite this, I do most of my own, so called “technical” stuff, but only because it is actually not technical – it is common sense and I can teach anyone to do it in a few days.”

Stefan will also be focusing on how to keep

costs down.

“When I first arranged my Algarve-based event, I did it from my UK office and yet we had 50 businesses attend. I did it to prove that low cost marketing is not only possible but also profitable,” he said.

“That marketing campaign won me an award and new customers in Portugal.  My aim now is to ensure Portuguese based businesses get rewarded for all their hard work.”

Tickets for the event cost €25 and are available from Helen Jones. Please email [email protected]s.com or call 282 760 548