Marked drop in number of new virus cases in Portugal – but deaths and hospital admissions still ‘way too high’

The last weekend in January has registered a marked drop in the number of new ‘positive cases’ of Covid-19. 

It is potentially ‘good news’ and a sign that lockdown measures are making headway vis-a-vis pressure on the health service.

But the rest of the weekend’s bulletins carry little joy. Almost 600 people have died with Covid in the last two days; more have been admitted to hospital than discharged, and intensive care units are now treating 858 people.

Everything is moving according to mathematical predictions – meaning the situation remains critical and will continue to be this way for quite a few weeks to come. 

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Portugal is now at the point where 12,482 people have died with Covid since the start of the pandemic; there are 181,623 active cases and just under 6,700 people in hospital with complications due to the virus.

On a brighter note, 526,411 have ‘recovered’. This nonetheless is a statistic that gives very little clarity on the cases of ‘long Covid’ which have been registered in Portugal but are not receiving much publicity in the press. Expresso has carried a short piece this week on the phenomenon, admitting that ‘exact numbers’ are not clear but that there are ‘many Portuguese with symptoms of the disease several months after being cured’.

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