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Maritime police lead ‘mega operation’ to combat human trafficking in Setúbal

Operation underway in Samouco area of Alcochete 

A mega operation to combat human trafficking led by the Maritime Police has been underway since 8am today in the Samouco area, in Alcochete, Setúbal district, a source from Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), which is participating in the action, has confirmed.

According to CNN Portugal, the investigation targets an alleged “network dedicated to illegal clam harvesting and consequently the trafficking of human beings, mainly Asians”.

The operation, according to the media outlet, involves more than 150 Maritime Police officers accompanied by 60 inspectors from SEF, the Tax Authority, the PSP Special Unit and the collaboration of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS).

The SEF source has told State news agency Lusa that there are only 20 SEF inspectors involved. Be that as it may, this latest operation comes at a time when the problem of illegal immigration, and immigfrants legalised on documents that prove to be false, is becoming widely discussed in the media (both mainstream and social media).

If CNN has its facts right, the operation this far has seen at least five people arrested, and 250 identified as being ‘in an illegal situation in this country’.

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