Maritime police branch still unmanned

A LACK of administration has been given as the reason behind the maritime police branch at Sagres remaining empty for more than two years.

Officers, who were originally assigned to Sagres, were reassigned to the Lagos unit until an administrator was hired and while repairs were made to the building.

A large area of the coast was exposed when they were obliged to move, which they were all told was temporary and, as a result, were less patrols. Some maritime police admitted that whenever there is a problem or an accident in the area, they are usually the last to arrive at the scene because they have to come from Lagos.

Vila do Bispo Câmara criticised the fact that there was no one monitoring the ports, saying security was at risk. The president of the Junta da Freguesia de Sagres, Fernando Santana, said there are members of the maritime police who live in Sagres yet are obliged to travel to their post in Lagos every day.

Commander of the maritime police for the south of Portugal, Reis Ágoas, said the waters of Sagres were never patrolled thoroughly, but men are still out patrolling and ensuring the law is abided by.

There has been no indication if, or when, the Sagres post will reopen.

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