Marine specialists in Guia

ZOOMARINE PLAYED host to more than 100 marine specialists during three days of workshops last week.

Experts from all over the world were in Guia from April 17 to 19 for the Reducing the Impact of Oil Spills (RIOS) series of workshops, which looked at the effects of oil spills on marine life.

Organised by Zoomarine, the Sea Alarm Foundation and Nordeconsult, the workshops aimed to identify and discuss priorities for the European Action Plan on the research needs for reducing the impact from oil spills on wildlife.

The event was an opportunity for people who are actively involved in the field of oiled wildlife response and rehabilitation to meet and contribute to the European project, which funded the event.

An action plan for future research, the stimulation of contacts and future cooperation were the objectives of the workshop.  The plan is to be submitted to the European commission and used as part of ongoing political development in this area.

The RIOS workshops attracted scientists, rehabilitators, veterinarians and other professionals in this field and the people involved were eager to highlight the massive environmental impact crude oil spills have.

“Every time oil accidentally spills into the sea or is leaked illegally, we are inserting poison into the ecosystem killing countless animals immediately and poisoning innumerable others,” said a spokesman for RIOS. Élio Vicente, the director of science and education at Zoomarine, told The Resident that the workshop “went very well” and added: “It was a very interesting programme and will be beneficial for the proposal and the sponsoring of programmes.”

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