Marina links with hotel

Portimão Marina and the Espírito Santo hotel group are negotiating a commercial agreement that they hope will help to conquer new foreign markets. Both Manuel Espírito Santo, the head of the hotel chain, and Eurico Correia, the administrator of the Marinas do Barlavento management board, believe that the marina and Tivoli hotels can work together to economise costs and provide a more attractive package for visitors.

The two partners are expected to arrive at an agreement during February or March.However, although Correia maintains that the possibility of the Portimão Marina hotel being integrated into the Tivoli chain is not being considered, it is understood that this could be the expectation of the hotel group.

Portimão Marina ended the year with an increase of 60 per cent in its receipts and average occupation rates in the hotel climbed up to 70 per cent, with an almost capacity occupancy of 95 per cent during August. According to Correia, one of the main reasons for the higher occupancy levels is the end of building work in the area, and revealed that he expects the hotel to reach an average of 80 per cent this year. Figures for the boat pontoons are not known, but Correia commented, “dozens of boats already occupy the area”.