March of the Penguin

Penguin keeps Algarve residents comfortable and cost-efficient with low-energy home heating and cooling systems – air conditioning, solar hot water, solar PV for electricity, and high-efficiency heat pumps for pools, radiators and underfloor heating.

Since 2008 the company has become a familiar presence in the Algarve, their cheeky yellow vans catching the eye as they nip from job to job. Having set out as air-con specialists the company quickly embraced energy-saving technologies and today offers expertise in all aspects of home heating and cooling, advising which low-consumption systems are best-suited to your property, lifestyle and budget.

For properties under construction or renovation, Penguin works with architects, engineers and builders to design and install fully-integrated systems with energy-efficiency as the guiding principle.

Much of Penguin’s evolution throughout the years has reflected economic forces and market demands, as director, Chris Blackburn, explains: “The post-2008 recession years saw increased demand for low-consumption systems; whilst this year’s pandemic restrictions have led many people to spend more time at home and look to economise on energy bills. Throughout the intervening years we’ve seen a growing movement towards environmental awareness and green energy issues. Running alongside these influences is the experience and expertise we’ve gained from 12 years installing systems in the Algarve – a region with its own climate and lifestyle conditions. It hasn’t always been a steady march of progress for Penguin – sometimes more a waddle and a hop! – but we continue to serve the Algarve property owners, whose needs we understand very well”.

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