President Marcelo
Moving on revolving doors. President Marcelo photographed by António Pedro Santos/ Lusa

Marcelo moves on ‘revolving doors’ – but not convinced it will make much difference

Promulgates diploma increasing “período de nojo”

President Marcelo has today promulgated the amendment to the law that increases the number of years that a politician cannot work in companies in the area of portfolios he or she used to oversee, saying he did so in order to “reinforce (the importance of) transparency” – albeit he is not convinced the legal change will make much difference.

In Portugal this ‘time period’ laid down by law is dubbed “período de nojo” (literally, period of disgust). It was previously three years, now it is five.

But Marcelo is clearly not very hopeful that this latest legal tweak will be practically enforceable. His actual observations being that he has “potential doubts” over the impediments that the State can place on private companies which decide to hire former politicians.

This is the fourth amendment to the law no. 52/2019

In a note published on the official site of the presidency, Marcelo refers to the combatting of “revolving doors between political offices and economic groups, reinforcing the system of impediment to the exercise of positions in private companies by holders of executive political offices and the respective health regime”.

Notwithstanding his doubts, he justifies his promulgation on the “importance of reinforcing transparency and the impediments inherent in the exercise of political office and high public office“.

Source: SIC Notícias/ Portal da Presidência da República