Marcelo downplays receiving letter with bullet inside
Photo: Presidência da República

Marcelo downplays receiving letter with bullet inside

“It happens,” says Marcelo 

Portugal’s President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has downplayed the importance of a letter addressed to him which was delivered to Belém Palace containing a bullet and a request for €1 million inside.

Marcelo has also said he received more threats when he was a television commentator than now as President of the Republic.

Correio da Manhã tabloid broke the story, reporting that an anonymous letter addressed to the President of the Republic was received at the Belém Palace recently.

Inside the letter was a bullet, a cellphone and a note demanding that €1 million be transferred to a certain bank account number.

“Those who have been in this life, and I have 30 years of this, face these situations by the dozens. It happens, I don’t give it much importance,” Marcelo later told CMTV.

“These things happen sometimes but they have never turned out to be serious,” said the president, adding that these situations are always hard to investigate because the letters are anonymous.

The case was reported to PJ police.

By Michael Bruxo

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