Marcelo against Novo Banco’s latest ‘request’ for another €200 million

President Marcelo has shown himself to be against any further money being paid out to Novo Banco – the so-called ‘good bank’ that emerged from the ashes of Banco Espírito Santo, and has been costing taxpayers millions of euros ever since. Reacting to the bank’s latest ‘announcement’ that it will be requiring another €200 million – in spite of paper profits of much the same amount – the president has said this is most certainly not the time, to be thinking (or asking) such things. The country/ the world “has so many problems to face”, Novo Banco and its constant requests for money should be well (well) down on the list. Of course, it is a question for the new government, when it is finally sworn in, as well as the Resolution Fund (which would in theory be paying the money out) but Marcelo has shown his hand, say reports. “He is against”, as are politicians on all sides.