Marcelo addresses Infarmed meeting, stressing importance of vaccine roll-out

“What I have learnt is that where vaccination advances, the virus diminishes” and that with one vaccine “there is some efficacy, with two doses there is a lot of efficacy”. These were the words this morning of President Marcelo towards the closing stages of today’s meeting with health experts at Infarmed. The head of State said it was ‘good’ that a new variant is not causing problems in Portugal, and that “in the crushing majority of cases, the vaccines produce effects in all age groups. This is important for the Portuguese who in the main believe in vaccination and for the minority that has doubts” he stressed. Elsewhere however international reports have highlighted that serious cases in Israel – a country with well over 60% of its population already full covered by vaccinations – have been spiking. Health ministry news yesterday was that the number of Israeli coronavirus patients in serious condition has double in the past week (click here).