Marble factory boss “dismembered” in Borba drill attack

An angry Moroccan employee is understood to have killed his boss with a “large size drill used for perforating rocks” last Saturday, after which he resorted to ‘marble cutting equipment’ to remove the dead man’s legs.

According to reports, a co-worker walked in on the horror, and managed to alert authorities.

It is not known if the worker was seen by the alleged attacker – a 61-year-old Moroccan who had been working for marble company Italchrono for the past two years, and is believed to have been very upset over the non-payment of commissions due for translating services.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã explains that the Moroccan had made “many trips” back to his home country, in the service of Italchrono boss Antonio Iarossi, but that Iarossi “hadn’t paid him for more than a year”.

CM claims the Moroccan demanded the money due to him on Saturday afternoon, and “during the discussion, he brutally attacked his employer in the head and trunk with a large size drill used in the perforation of rocks”.

Iarossi, 59, “did not survive his injuries” and died in Italchrono’s warehouse, says the paper.

It was at this point that the alleged attacker seized on “a cutting machine” to amputate his former employer’s legs, “supposedly to get rid of the body”, said CM.

But the arrival of another worker led to police being called before the Moroccan had left the warehouse.

He has been taken into custody and is due to go before magistrates.

PJ police are investigating, as Iarossi’s body has been taken for autopsy.

CM suggests the worker who walked in on the horror saw a “deep cut” to Iarossi’s throat, as well as the other devastating injuries.

Iarossi is understood to have been involved in business in Borba for the last 20 years, although the rest of his family lives in Italy.

Reports elsewhere suggest the attack may have happened on Friday, with the dismembering of the body’s legs taking place on Saturday afternoon. These are issues that the PJ investigation will seek to clarify.

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